Accreditation Committee

IAB’s Accreditation Committee is having own team of competent and technical sound professionals in accreditation segment. Accreditation Committee controls technical matters related to present accreditation and the new developments.

Board may seek advice from its accreditation committee on various technical issues such as

  • The impact of accreditation service on various economies
  • The acceptability of brand of IAB considering specific procedures adapted for accreditation
  • Development of existing accreditation assessors
  • Employment of new accreditation assessors
  • Determining need and criteria for educational and training institute’s accreditation

Core areas focused by the committees while granting accreditation to CAB

  • Power generation and transmission
  • Potentially hazardous and toxic chemicals
  • Construction chemicals and related products
  • Biological and medical science, machines, test equipments and body implants
  • Rubber, Leather, Polymer, Textile, Jute & Cotton processing
  • Pollution Control equipment and processes
  • Ferrous and non ferrous metal processing
  • Life saving drugs and formulations
  • Electrical, Electronic and semiconductor products
  • Radioactive materials and related processes