01. What is Accreditation?
Accreditation is a formal process of assessing an independent certification body (CB) to authorize for subsequent issuance of ISO certifications.
02. What is Certification?
Certification is carried out by independent Certification bodies after carrying out the audit services as per the given scope and audit criteria. CBs’ are responsible to issue certifications to the clients.
03. What is an Audit?
Audit is an independent systematic and documented process of gathering objective evidence against specific audit criteria to gauge the effectiveness and degree of conformance to which the audit criteria is fulfilled.
04. What is Inspection?
Inspection can be carried out separately or as part of the audit. But it is different from audit because it measures the conformity to the inspection criteria and does not gauge the effectiveness of the procedures. It measures degree of conformance in terms of compliance with the procedures
05. Why do I need to get my company Audited?
Audit is the process of value addition. It eliminates the bureaucratic controls and makes the system more lean and efficient. The organizations can cut huge amount of finances with relevant auditing against a suitable ISO standard as an audit criteria. The Non conformities identified during the audits provide a window of opportunity in terms of corrective and preventive measures.